Autel Robotics EVO Review – An Amazing 4K Drone | 2019

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4K drones are expensive. However, the video and photo quality will guarantee you that indeed; you did the exact thing to purchase the drone. One such drone is the Autel Robotics EVO quadcopter, a marvel of technology indeed. Well, suffice to say that this drone is as excellent as its namesake in the car world, the Mitsubishi EVO. Or is it? That is what we are going to find out in this short review. Being a foldable drone with a 4K UltraHD camera is not adequate as there are additional features. This is a drone worth having and besides, it is built to last a long time. In order to know about all features, and specifications read Autel Robotics EVO Review till the end.

Autel Robotics EVO Features & Technical Details

Physical features

Physically, this is a good-looking drone with bold black and orange colors, which make it simple to spot from afar. The arms of this drone fold onto the body making it little and controllable, compact size of 10 by 5.5 by 5.5 inches.

The propellers also fold for superior storage. When you desire to fly the drone, just take it out, unfold the arms and you will be ready to fly if the battery is charged. As a classic quadcopter, this drone has a propeller on every corner.

Long Battery Life & Flight Time

A number of drones have excellent features, but poor battery life. So what is the Autel Robotics EVO battery life? You will obtain a flight time of 30 minutes. Now, you have to concede that they do not come any better than that. This is an intellectual 4300mAh lithium polymer battery. You will be familiar with the battery status.

Controller – No Need To Make Use Of Your Smartphone

You will not require a smartphone to enjoy the first person view experience with this drone. The cause for this is because the stylish controller comes with an in-built screen, 3.3 inches.

Autel Robotics EVO

This powerful regulator is powered by a 6300mAh battery, bigger than even that of the drone. Besides, the drone is also shipped with a 32GB micro-SD card so that you can store your footage there and later transfer it to your computer.

The controller is easy to make use of and straightforward. There is the one takeoff and landing key, with arrows pointing up and down. There is the power key, two joysticks, one on either side of the regulator. Flight distance, battery meter, and other data are displayed on the regulator to help you make decisions fast.

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Sharp Videos and Images

Now, we all know that a camera drone is only as fine as its camera. And the Autel EVO does not dissatisfy at all. The video camera is 4K, high resolution, and sharp videos all the time. Then there is a 12MP camera for the photographs, once more, great quality images all the time. In fact, the video quality on this camera is too sharp such that it is suggested that you fine-tune the resolution details so that the recording does not look too sharp to be factual.

The camera has been designed on a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization. Even when shooting video recording at high speed and in windy conditions, the camera does a great job of keeping the camera stable.

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Safety Features

The Autel EVO has been designed with GPS & GLONASS systems that facilitate the drone to hold altitude pretty good. In addition, there is the auto-return feature that brings your drone back home to where it was launched from when the battery runs low or when the connection to the controller vanishes.

While the Autel EVO can fly to a height of 2600 feet, it is essential that you keep to the legal height of 400 feet, no matter the temptation. Besides, the battery will drain faster when you fly the drone that high.

Obstacle Avoidance

This drone has been prepared with an advanced visual system that makes it able to keep away from obstacles on the sides, back, and front. It also has underside sensors that help keep it safe even when flying in the woods. It is advisable although to fly your drones in clear surroundings.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

For me, this is so far the most excellent drone under 1000 that I have ever flown. Everything is on point; flight time is first-class although it could be better. I love taking the drone with me when I am mountain biking. I have shot some remarkable footage with it. Holly M.

I do not know whether it is only my drone or there is an issue across the board. When my drone is on follow me mode, it loses focus if I move, or the object it is following moves to the shadows. However, I can live with that. Den A.

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Finally, here is a drone that I can make use without the need to make use of my Smartphone. Ever since I started flying the drone, I have never had to deal with signal loss. I would purchase the Autel EVO over again. Tamiera H.

This drone does everything that the company says it can do. I think the videos are pretty astonishing and there are dissimilar filming modes to choose from. John T.

Autel Robotics EVO

Everyone has a favorite feature in their camera drone. For me, it is the 4K video and 12MP still camera in the Autel Robotics EVO. I have used this camera to shoot videos of my family on the beach and the video recording is amazing. Joe C.

I love many things in this drone-like the camera, flight time, and the controller with the in-built screen. I also dislike a few things such as the poor user manual and the complicated app. Jasmine W.

Limited warranty of 12 months

astonishing 4K videos

Can do a high speed of 44mph

This drone flies silently

It is the most excellent foldable 4K drone

Even when the battery runs low, the drone will hover in its place of land on an obstacle

Nice and elegant controller with a built-in screen

It is tough to crash this drone

It is foldable – packs small

The user manual is not as comprehensive as we would like

Zooming in can lower the video or image quality

The app is a bit complex to figure out

Autel Robotics EVO

Who Should Buy The Autel Robotics EVO?

This is an advanced drone. Surely, it is greatly better for an advanced user than a newbie drone enthusiast. However, even as a total newbie when it comes to the world of drones, you can still purchase it, but make sure to learn how to fly it gradually before you take it out. This is a high-speed drone, so be sure not to punch the top speed as it will peak to the maximum of 44mph fast. It would be better to cut your teeth on a smaller drone and then buy this one.

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The details given in Autel Robotics EVO Review are almost accurate and exact. Becuase do not charge for writing reviews. Autel Robotics EVO Review contains all information about machine. All good and bad features are mentioned in Autel Robotics EVO Review. In order to know the accuracy of the Autel Robotics EVO Review you can check the customers reviews on Amazon. The product is beind sold with five star rating.


The Autel Robotics EVO drone is one of the most excellent drones fewer than 1000 dollars in the market. However, before you order and fly it, there are a few suggestions to note:

  • You can purchase the Autel EVO bundle so that you get extra batteries – more flight times
  • Be keen when zooming in as the video and picture quality can be affected
  • Figure out everything – particularly the app and the user manual before flying it
  • Just do the legal drone flying height of 400 feet. The temptation to hit 2000 feet will be great though.
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We hope Autel Robotics EVO Review was really helpful for you. We tried to cover almost everything in Autel Robotics EVO Review about the machine.

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