Download Music For Free In 2020 | Best Free Sites For Music Download

Finding and downloading new music doesn’t have to be costly; many great artists have chosen to make their work accessible to download free if you know where to look. Here we’ve picked the five best providers for download music for free – all completely legal and above board.

Where to download free music at a glance

  • Soundcloud
  • Noisetrade
  • Jamendo Music
  • Bandcamp

It’s significant to note that although artists have chosen to distribute their work for free on these sites, the music is still protected by copyright and mustn’t be distributed in any other way unless obviously stated otherwise. If you find something remarkable, just share a link to the artist’s profile and everyone wins.

The sites below are our top choices for free of charge music, but some of the big online music stores also offer free tracks to download. Take a look at Amazon’s free music selection and Google Play’s free song of the week if you can’t find precisely what you’re looking for here.

If you’re looking for a better way to take pleasure in your free music, it’s worth keeping an eye on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday guides, where we’ll be listing all the best headphone deals online and on the high street.

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a brilliant place to discover and download free music, with a brilliant tagging system that makes it simple to search by genre. Not all tracks are obtainable gratis, but you might be surprised how many are.

When you find a track you like, look at the bottom beside the various sharing options and you’ll see a link marked either ‘Buy’ or ‘Download’, depending on how the artist has selected to distribute it. When you download a track, you will automatically start on following that artist, but you can unfollow them any time if you change your mind. You might also be prompted to like the artist’s page on Facebook.

You can simply download tracks by yourself, not whole playlists. Downloads are provided in MP3 format.

Download free music


You’re most likely familiar with’s music streaming service, but it also provides tracks to download at no cost.

The free downloads section is tucked away behind a little link at the bottom of the homepage, but once you’re there you’ll find a great variety of songs from both small indie outfits and well-known artists.

Unluckily there’s no way to filter or sort the downloadable tracks so you’ll have to spend some time browsing through, streaming and previewing to find what you want, but this is no bad thing if you’re looking for something new.

Download free music

3. NoiseTrade

All the music on NoiseTrade is free of charge to download, with one caveat: the ‘trade’ in question is your email address and postal/ZIP code, which will be used to distribute newsletters and to let artists see where their fans are located. Also Read:

NoiseTrade’s design is clean and clear, with an instinctive tagging system to help you find new music in a similar style to one of your present favorites.

NoiseTrade is free for musicians to make use of, and you can give your favorite new discoveries a tip to support their work.

It’s not just music either; NoiseTrade also offers books to download on a huge range of topics in both EPUB and MOBI formats.

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4. Jamendo Music

Like many free music download sites, Jamendo Music is all about connecting fans and artists – helping listeners find new tracks to enjoy, and giving musicians a platform to arrive at new audiences.

Jamendo’s themed radio stations are one of the easiest ways to find songs you’ll take pleasure in. To grab the track that’s at present playing, just click the small download button in the toolbar at the underneath of your browser window.

You don’t need an account to initiate listening and downloading, but features like track skipping are only obtainable if you sign up. Music is provided in MP3 format.

Jamendo Music isn’t just a sparkling place to download free music for your own pleasure; it’s also an outstanding resource when you want a track to apply in a video. Using music in videos can be a rational property nightmare, but Jamendo is a wonderful place to start. Music from Jamendo isn’t free for use in videos (it’s how the artists earn a crust), but there’s a choice of licenses, all explained in plain English, starting at US$9.99.

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5. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is essentially a way for download music for free for independent artists and small labels to get their own storefront to discover new audiences and make a living from their work, but some have chosen to make tracks obtainable to download free. Just search for ‘free download’ to discover tracks to download on a name-your-own-price basis.

Bandcamp looks great and is an enjoyment to use; it’s what MySpace aspired to be but never achieved. Each artist has a custom page featuring a biography, discography, song previews, and reviews – all high quality and authentically helpful.

For finding new music, check out Bandcamp’s tags. Not only can you look for tracks in a specific genre, but you can also narrow down your options by location. There’s a heavy focus on the UK and US, but you’ll find a polite assortment of music from Asia and continental Europe too.

Download free music

Tracks are downloaded in MP3 format, and you are able to decide to receive email updates from the artist if you like.

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