Eachine EX3 – Full Review – 2019

What do you get when you take a rectangular body and attach four propeller arms with rotors? The Eachine EX3 quadcopter. Ok, the EX3 is not as rudimentary as that because this is one of the most eye-catching drones in its category. It looks pleasant and what’s more, it has features to boot. This is certainly an exhilarating drone with so many features. To name but just a few of them, you will get a 2K camera, whose resolution is higher than the regular 1920 by 1080P cameras that we have been used to in drones of this size. Marketed as a 2K camera quadcopter for adults, we will find out whether it meets the threshold.

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Eachine EX3 Features & Technological Details

The Eachine EX3 is not lacking in features. It comes with truckloads of them. Here, we will for a short time look at several of the most important ones:

Design, build quality and durability

This is a foldable drone. The propeller arms fold satisfactorily alongside the body of the drone making it smaller and denser for traveling. You can pack it in your backpack and travel with it so with no trouble. The plastic casing is quite strong and it will not rip apart and spill the interiors of this drone at the first, second or third collision. We wish the rotors were protected with guards, but it is what it is and besides, this drone does the whole thing the manufacturer says it can do.

About size … when it is unfolded, it measures 17.7 by 17.7 by 3 inches and when folded, the size significantly reduces to 7.5 by 6.7 by 3 inches.

It comes with 2204 1400KV brushless motors. These motors will last a long time, and they will need minimal to zero preservation. They do not overheat and best of all; they have minimal noise output.

The camera

The main cause why people buy camera drones is because they look for an aerial camera either for their hobbyist photographs or for their professional videographer gigs. It does not matter what you require the camera for because the EX3 2K 5G Wi-Fi camera meets all of your needs. You will love the kind of original effect that you will get from the wide-angle lens. Besides, even in unbalanced conditions, the camera still captures good video and photo footage, thanks to the one-axis gimbal flight system that keeps the drone steady under all conditions.

You will also get a thrilling FPV experience. The FPV uses the 5G WiFi connection and it can transmit real-time videos over a maximum distance of 400 meters. You will take pleasure in your primary person view on your Smartphone since the remote controller does not have a screen.

Battery and flight time

It would be a disgrace to have such a dramatic drone and then have mediocre flight time; wouldn’t it? Thankfully, Eachine actually does put your needs to mind. This is why you are going to get a long-lasting, high capacity 7.6V 3400mAh battery. You can get 20 minutes of flight time from one charge. If you buy a spare battery or two, you can with no trouble have close to an hour of flight time and fun.

The controller

It is little, ergonomic in shape and has very receptive buttons and knobs. The Smartphone holder, which is retractable by the way, is built onto the top side of the remote manager. It can fit the Smartphone of all sizes. The remote controller uses a stable 2.4GHz frequency, which is hardly interrupted.

Flight features

Maximum speed for this drone is 40km/h. That is quite high and even at maximum speed; it still captures good video and photo footage.

Eachine EX3 03

There is the optical flow positioning feature which involves some complex calculation in the drone to hold its altitude completely so that you only worry about capturing video and photo footage.

Follow Me

this has to turn out to be a standard feature. What happens is that the drone locks onto your mobile phone using the GPS module and follows you around. That way, you can concentrate on taking your footage since the drone keeps a safe distance.

One Key Return

With this feature, your drone should never get lost. It will go back home mechanically if it loses signal or if the battery drains low.

One key takeoff and landing

Why be anxious about how to start your drone if this is the first time flying one? Just punch the auto takeoff key and the drone will get ready to launch into the air, where it will then hover at a good height and distance waiting for your next command.

Headless mode

This is a helpful characteristic for a beginner. Sometimes when the drone is far from you, you may not be competent to know where the nose faces. Just press the button for headless mode and the drone will realign itself to fly in the right direction.

Active Track

You can track any being or object with this drone. It locks onto the person or objects that you want to track and keeps a distance of between 3 and 10 meters.

Orbit Mode

Get the drone to circle around a person or a thing shooting video and photos at the same time.

Short Summary of Feedback from Obtainable Owners

This drone captures extremely good video footage. Clear as daylight and the color is alive and vivid. I shoot videos for my YouTube channel and this drone does the job absolutely. Rad G.

I was clever to get a maximum of 21 minutes of flight time from the battery. I am very impressed! Imran A.

While an important person said that this drone would be too complicated for me as a beginner, I can report that I have had a great time with it. It is steady in flight and except for one crash, I have enjoyed each moment with it. Amos P.

For this price and with incredible features such as the 2K camera, I think this is fairly a steal for me. Tommy T.

Foldable, brushless motors, 22 minutes highest from the battery and a 2K camera, well, I would buy this again and again. Homm T.

Value for money! That is all I am going to say having used this drone for two weeks. And to consider I almost avoided it because it was my first time to see this brand name. Lenny M.

Powerful brushless motors

The foldable design makes it easy to pack

The flight time of 20 minutes is long enough

Stable in flight and when hovering

Astonishing camera for video and photos

Suitable for pilots of all levels

The durable build is very impressive

Eachine EX3 03

You have to buy an SD card for storing your videos or store them in your smartphone

Who Should Buy The Eachine EX3?

The Eachine EX3 is an excellent drone for anyone who loves good value and quality for their money. With a professional-quality camera with high resolution, stable flight, and long connectivity range, this is a good drone for anyone who loves serious outdoor photography and videography. It has GPS so it will always return home when the battery runs low or when the signal disconnects. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time drone pilot, you will find this one quite a thrill.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you obtain the Eachine EX3, read the user manual first and learn how to fly it. It is an excitement because of the speed and so it is simple to crash it into objects. Fly it in open spaces where there are no obstacles or objects that can disrupt the signal, especially the 5G WiFi. Finally, for a huge experience, do find a few videos to help you learn how to fly it if this is your first drone ever.

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